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    About us

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    Tianjin wanerte Steel Structure Co., Ltd is the leading steel structure of Tianjin city manufacturing company, business throughout the country, with 408 employees. Since the establishment of the company, the company has always been to produce high quality products as its core business, and in the actual production process of continuous improvement of production, expand into new markets, to meet the needs of current and future markets. Tianjin wanerte Steel Structure Co. Ltd is a long-term partner, trust and support, the company dedicated customer management business model depends on the specification of the staff, the company leadership and effective management, staff unity and dedication. High quality products provide the basis for the company's steady development, and enhance the self transcendence ability, create the future wanerte. Company purpose: quality first, customer first is our pursuit of the goal, is willing to do our utmost and sincerity, for the majority of customers to reach a comprehensive and meticulous service, your satisfaction is our success. The company specializes in steel structure design, manufacture, installation, construction cost, is mainly responsible for the assessment of general contracting, engineering design and construction of various industrial and civil construction engineering and construction technology of steel structure project, especially can undertake the construction of steel structure engineering for customers, and through the national IS9001 certification system. The company has rich management personnel, skilled construction team and construction section of construction machinery and equipment, strict management system, quality-oriented! Credit standing! We regardless of project size, can be customized according to customer requirements and structure drawings. We have the strength to do better for you! At a reasonable price to provide you with: first-class quality, first-class service, first-class reputation!